Clear Epoxy Resin Flooring: What You Need to Know

Find best 10 commercial contractors - Service Tech Blog Pages - Additionally, a selection of other neutral-colored aggregates and blends can be used with clear epoxy resin flooring to provide other functional characteristics, such as slip resistance, additional abrasion resistance, and more. ..More

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Polyaspartic Flooring vs. Epoxy

Popular licensed contractors - Service, Upgrade Forums - Epoxy and polyaspartic flooring are similar in that both can be used as midcoats and topcoats. . This is a huge benefit in both cost and time efficiency, as underlying flooring systems may not need to be replaced prior to installing the new system. Both epoxy and polyaspartic coatings are compatible with several other resin types, including urethane mortars. And while both can be used as prime coats, epoxies stand out as the most commonly used primer coating product in the industry ..More

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Urethane vs. Epoxy Primer – When to Use Which

Top 10 residential contractors - Do's N Don't's - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - In many industrial and commercial settings, the best way to protect a concrete floor is with a well-specified and professionally installed resinous coating system, which should always start out with an appropriate primer coat. . Knowing more about these two types of products can help inform your discussions. Your flooring contractor is likely to recommend a flooring system that includes either an epoxy or urethane based primer. Urethane (also referred to as polyurethane) and epoxy are two resin types frequently utilized in the manufacture of primers ..More

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Flooring for Stairs: Selecting the Best Option

Find certified contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - . Depending on the facility, these stairs may be subjected to heavy foot traffic on a daily basis, or may be part of a rarely-used emergency escape route. Concrete stairs are common features in a wide variety of settings, including parking garages, schools, hospitals, hotels, and manufacturing facilities. In order to choose the most effective flooring system for any given setting, the following factors should be considered: ..More

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Resin Flooring Contractors: How to Find One

Find best 10 industrial contractors - Service, Upgrade Forums - . Depending on its current state, the slab surface must be properly prepared prior to the application of the resin flooring system. The concrete surface below the epoxy or other resinous flooring must meet certain requirements in order for the floor to look and perform as designed. An important element that an inexperienced contractor could fail to take into account is the substrate onto which the resinous flooring is to be applied. A well trained and highly skilled resin flooring contractor can rely on his or her wealth of experience and knowledge to correctly implement mechanical concrete preparation methods as the basis for a floor that is both long-lasting and high in quality. Levels of moisture and moisture vapor must be measured and addressed, the age of the concrete must be taken into consideration, and it should also be assessed for a variety of contaminants ..More

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