White Epoxy Floors: The Perfect Sanitary Look

Locate Nearby licensed contractors - Service Professional Forums - . They are easier to clean, with virtually no breaches in their surfaces for dust and debris to collect and for microorganisms to flourish. They can also be specially formulated to withstand harsh chemicals, endure extreme temperature swings, discourage microbial growth, and provide a range of benefits such as slip resistance, waterproofing, and electrostatic dissipation. Epoxy, urethane, and other resinous flooring systems are favored in a variety of commercial and industrial settings thanks to their seamless nature. Well-selected epoxy floors are also very durable, able to withstand both consistently heavy loads and areas of high impact ..More

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Clear Epoxy Resin Flooring: What You Need to Know

Locate residential contractors - Service Professional Forums - and have low emissions, making them an ideal choice for use in facilities that are occupied during the installation process. . Clear epoxy resin flooring is comprised of 100% solids epoxy, with no solvent content. C. O. When researching different types of resinous flooring solutions, a popular option to consider is clear epoxy resin floor coatings. For that reason, they are zero V ..More

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Poured Epoxy Flooring: How It Works

Popular nationwide professional contractors - Repair & Service Blogs - . Poured epoxy flooring, also referred to as “self-leveling” epoxy flooring, is actually comprised of two or more components, such as a specially-formulated epoxy resin and a carefully measured amount of epoxy curing agent that get carefully blended at the job site. Epoxy and other resinous floor coatings are installed as liquids. The flooring application begins by pouring out ribbons of the blended material onto the prepared concrete substrate and quickly spreading the product using a notched or flat squeegee ..More

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Commercial Garage Floor Coating

Find industrial contractors - Help Center - Repair & Service Guide - Fluid-applied epoxy floor coatings have the advantage of being virtually seamless. This is particularly important in a garage setting, where any breaks in the surface of the floor can allow corrosive chemicals, vehicular fluids and other hazardous materials to leech into the underlying concrete slabs, and eventually into the soil underneath, creating environmental issues that can to be very costly to resolve. . The seamless aspect also allows for easy cleaning and minimal maintenance, while aggregate-filled commercial garage floor coatings help distribute impact and weight across the floor, providing improved strength and durability ..More

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Urethane vs. Epoxy Primer – When to Use Which

Find best 10 contractors - Consumer Blogs - When exposed to drastic swings in temperature, cementitious urethane primers can maintain their good bond. . Thanks to their Portland cement content, like urethane mortar systems as a whole, these primers expand and contract at a rate very similar to concrete ..More

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