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Most of you have probably followed the slow motion stair tread installation that I will eventually get done. Homeowner has had me working on that plus other things for quite a while. Recently, the focus became more intent on these stairs, than installing the pocket door, paint prep and installing a new washer and dryer, doorway transitions etc etc. There's been a lot of distractions from getting down and dirty, and sticking solely to the stairs. Now that I am, I'm curious what it would actually cost to have the stairway done. I'm doing this by the hour. Pay isn't spectacular, but neither are the demands. Better than not having work, and it's also very enjoyable. Nice people to work for. Back to my question. You are offered a job to sand, finish and install new oak stair treads and risers. This is new construction, but really two year old construction. Temporary stair treads are made up of 2 by 6 lumber with a screw or two in each one. Nothing purdy, simply functional. The contractor at that time knew that 1 inch oak stair treads would eventually be the finished surface on these stringers. Here's a glimpse from an image that I have previously posted. (pay no attention to the arrows on tread 2) Take note of the lower tread and stair skirt and how close the tread fits against the skirt. My temporary plywood treads are square. Now take note of the third step up on the left side. Again, my temporary treads are square. What I am saying is that the skirt shape varies to and fro a quite a bit. Stair 3 is probably one of the worst examples. Risers are of course are out the same. Nothing is square, and some treads ended up with a slightly rounded contour to fit those distorted skirts. Because of that, I cut it all with a jigsaw for a more accurate cut. I'm amazed at the time it takes to properly shim these stair treads and risers as I go to make them come out level and square. So far, I'm ready to start riser and tread #10 The tread height is within 1/16 up to this point. The difference in the tread depths is probably 1/8 or less. I think that initially the stringers were cut well, but that they shrunk up a lot on the outermost edges, making a lot of shimming necessary where the stair nose and upper part of the riser meet. I am guessing this is relatively common unless kiln dried lumber was used for making the stringers?You have 12 oak plywood risers and 13 unfinished, 1 inch thick stair treads to sand, stain, finish and install. Materials are provided. So for labor only, what's typical stair installation like described run? ....anyway, let the bidding begin. What's the realistic highs and lows of a job like this one. It's just for my own info.............. I'm working hourly. I'm guessing well over $1200 buchanaros if a real wood guy was doing this job.
Category: Flooring Post By: BARBARA ROWN (Kennewick, WA), 03/12/2019

I ask one hundred per stair, boxed in, prefinished, labor only.

- ENRIQUE MCGEE (Harlingen, TX), 05/13/2019

I charge the same using the same wood as the floor .

- FRANK YOUNG (Euless, TX), 05/25/2019

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