Forum Title: Did I ruin my Hardwood Floors?
Hey all! I live in Costa Rica, house is concrete block on a concrete slab. I have 1 in solid hardwood floors. They put plastic down on the slab and then nailed the planks into thin strips (Don't know what the strips were made of). I?ve had a fumigator come over the last 10yrs every so often, but mostly when I see cockroaches. Hadn?t seen a roach forever so I stopped using the fumigator because he uses a gas and every time he?d come I would have to spend a week wiping down EVERYTHING and washing EVERYTHING to get the residue off counters, windows, furniture, etc. We've had non stop rain for 8 weeks and all my gorgeous wood floors have started to tent, and splinter and break. Finally I pulled an 8in tented board up and found termites have been living there and ruined the floors. Floors were fine until 3 weeks ago when they all started to tent, buckle and splinter. Hubby thinks it is because I stopped bringing the fumigator (thus my fault). However I don?t think his gas fumigating treatment could penetrate a 1in thick solid wood floor to kill the termites living underneath. We had termites in a large armoir in another room on the other side of the house and for years we have tried gassing the room it?s in, and placing it in a large bag and gassing it, injecting it with chemicals all to no avail. (These termites were/are winged). The ones in the floors are not. So my Q my husband right? Would gassing the house have penetrated the 1in hardwood flooring to kill the termites or not? I think they entered from possible cracks in the foundation (I?m having the floors pulled up in a few days for salvage and to replace with tile flooring so that is when I can see if the foundation is cracked). But I would appreciate your opinion because I am sick about it if it was my fault and could have been prevented. Sincerely, Red
Category: Flooring Post By: LENA HIGGINS (Pontiac, MI), 02/28/2019

I have a friend who is a bug guy, he says tenting is for winged termites and drilling/liquid poisen injection is for the other subterranean termites. Two different animals. Two different treatments.

- LEAH BARBER (Burnsville, MN), 05/12/2019

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